Becoming a Member

Our Agency

Genesis House is directly affiliated with Livingston County Community Mental Health. All potential members begin by becoming an open case with our agency. To get connected with LCCMH, call (517) 546-4126.

The Referral Process

Potential members can ask their case manager to complete a referral form and send it to the Clubhouse. Please call us if you have questions about this step.

Setting up the first visit

The referral form will contain your phone number, so we will give you a call and invite you to come to Genesis.

Your first visit

At your first visit, we will give you a tour, make introductions, and explain how the Clubhouse works. We will also provide you with lunch, which is free for your first visit. Our goal is that you leave the first day feeling that Genesis is a friendly and welcoming place and we hope you plan to return soon to continue your orientation.

The Orientation continues... Visits 2-3

On your next two visits, you will spend a day on each of our units: The Dine & Dollar Cafe and the Business Unit. We will continue to help you get to know the colleagues and we will introduce you to the many ways to help on the unit. We also review documents that further explain Clubhouse values, practices, and policies.

Visit 4- Orientation complete

On your last visit you will choose a unit and identify the goals you plan to work on while at the Clubhouse. You then become an active member of the Clubhouse. This is an exciting process. We want it to be brief enough to help members become active quickly and easily.

Please contact us with any questions you might have:
(517) 223-1393