Detroit Auto Show Activity

By Steve Lindsay
On an unseasonably cool and comfortable Saturday morning, the early hours seemed to have a misty, dream-like atmosphere due to the dense fog. More than a dozen people from the clubhouse took part in one of Genesis House's most well-known social activities, The North American International Auto Show. Based on my impression, everyone had a strong sense of anticipation and excitement for the event. Many members including our staff leader, Greg, were eager and hungry to see their favorite cars and trucks at the show. Speaking of hunger, most of us decided to have lunch at Five Guys Restaurant while a few others ate at a local coney island down the street. After our generous helpings of burgers and fries, Genesis House took a bus directly down to Cobo Hall for the famous event. Inside the auto show, the place was lively and literally electric with all of the big name manufacturers from Ford to Chevrolet. Many visitors were mesmerized by the wide variety of vehicles on display. Some of the most popular models were the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, the Jeep CJ Sixty Six, and the Volkswagen Minivan bringing back the classic free spirit vibe from the late 1960's, but with a more modern hippie flavor to it. Large overhead digital screens populated the entire event showcasing each make and model on hand including some well-dressed female models hosting the auto show, too. When the afternoon came to a close, the journey home from Detroit was a satisfying one. Who knows what next year's future cars and trucks will be on display? That's the beauty of it and Genesis House was very pleased to be a special part of this annual and amazing auto show.